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nggg bht cheap pandora jewelry 626
« : mayo 15, 2017, 04:49:29 am »
WASHINGTON (AP) ― Four days after Donald Trump's surprising White House victory, the liberal organization CREDO Action fired off a frantic warning to its 4.6 million anxious supporters. Their worry wasn't the new president. It was his opposition. "Democratic leaders have been welcoming Trump,cheap pandora bracelets," the email said. "That's not acceptable. Democratic leaders need to stand up and fight. Now." Amid a national surge of anti-Trump protests,cheap pandora jewelry, boycotts and actions, liberals have begun taking aim at a different target: Their own party. Over the past few weeks,cheap pandora jewelry, activists have formed a number of organizations threatening a primary challenge to Democratic lawmakers who offer anything less than complete resistance to the Republican president. "We're not interested in unity," said Cenk Uygur, the founder of Justice Democrats,cheap pandora charms for sale, a new organization that's pledged to replace "every establishment politician" in Congress. "We can't beat the Republicans unless we have good, honest,cheap pandora rings for sale, uncorrupted candidates." While party leaders have urged Democrats to keep their attacks focused on Trump, the liberal grass roots see the fresh wave of opposition energy as an opportunity to push their party to the left and wrest power from longtime party stalwarts. The intraparty pressure is reminiscent of the tea party movement,cheap pandora earrings, where conservative activists defeated several centrist Republican incumbents. Their efforts reverberated through the 2012 and 2016 presidential elections,
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