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cheap jordan shoes qie xdm 709
« : mayo 15, 2017, 04:47:39 am »
MinnPost photo by Bill KelleyMcCain making his own axis of evil list: Al Qaida, Iran and Russia. In general, I found John McCain's speech last night likeable but kinda lame. But one thing made made me sit up straight with alarm. McCain listed three "threats to peace and liberty in our time" that we must "see clearly and face": al-Qaida,, Iran and Russia. What is Russia doing on that list? Although he tried to soften it ("I will work to establish good relations with Russia"), putting Russia in his own axis of evil list is not a good start to establishing those good relations. For me, it underscores a sense that McCain will be too quick to draw bright lines,air jordans for cheap, backed by military force,cheap jordans, and risk getting us into difficult fights. You may have read that in the aftermath of 9/11, McCain was talking publicly about the need to go after Iraq even before President Bush was. On Sept. 12, he started talking about other countries that would have to be attacked, beyond Afghanistan, and within a month said on CNN: "Very obviously Iraq is the first country." OK, just needed to get that off my chest. Because otherwise, I thought the speech ranked high for calm,wholesale cheap jordans, civility. He paid tribute to Barack Obama's historic accomplishment, made no personal attacks and went light on the policy attacks. He also threw in a bit more specific policy ideas, especially on taxes and education,cheap retro jordans, than the pundits were predicting. And I thought it was cool when he directly addressed
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